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Medical Mission Overview

An Orientation to International Aid Work

We offer a comprehensive one week immersion course where you will live with and work alongside the Floating Doctors team providing free health clinics, combined with didactic and interactive coursework to ensure safe and competent medical practice in any remote setting you may find yourself.

  • Ideal for medical practitioners across all specialties who have a desire to effectively provide quality healthcare in the remote setting, especially in tropical areas.

  • Perfect for experienced medical mission hands and first-timers alike.

  • Develop your tropical medicine competence and medical mission performance.

  • Combine lectures, practical workshops, and live clinical deployments to remote jungle communities.

Medical Mission: Philosophy

Family-Friendly Medical Missions & CME Courses

We understand that it can be hard to get away for a full week without your family, so we have programmed this course with the solution in mind! We encourage you to bring your partner or kids (over the age of 10) to Panama when you come. For an additional fee, paid directly to the Floating Doctors, they can stay with you on base, participate, help alongside you in clinic, and during the time you are in lecture, we can help coordinate additional adventures and excursions for your family to local beaches, nature preserves, snorkeling, fishing, cultural exchanges, and great places to eat! We have years of experience in planning these experiences for our families and have secured great discounts on activities, restaurants, and even hotel stays (if families prefer to be off base.) Contact us for additional information on bringing your family along for an unforgettable and rewarding vacation!

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Medical Mission: Welcome
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